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This Week’s Theme

Listen. (Literally, har har.) But okay: if you came up to me and you were like Helen, what is the absolute pinnacle of hilarity? Please design any humorous scenario that you can think of and we will make it into a real thing that you can laugh at, there is a non-zero chance that I’d answer “Please make an entire episode of This American Life that’s about Ira Glass’s quest to have sex with Terry Gross.” And lo, the internet giveth:

As a liberal white person who listens to TAL podcasts while driving a Prius from NYC to Boston to visit college friends, this is maybe the greatest thing that could ever come into my life. Thank you, A.V. Club, for finding it for me.

Tiny Confessions

I love these so much. Everything about them. We can all explain our actions by admitting sorrowful truths.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon is available on Etsy. The luchador is only available on

Bringing the Monarchy into the 21st Century

Transvestite model Andrej Peijic was invited to meet the Queen, which is pretty awesome. But my primary takeaway is oh my god, how awesome is the Royal Household’s email domain name? So exceptionally old school.

(Related: does this mean we can retroengineer the personal email addresses of the royal family? I would basically die of doesn’t bounce back.)

It Has Potential

This quote from Ira Glass is one of the all-time best pieces of advice I’ve ever encountered. I have it printed out and tacked to the wall of my cubicle at work.

That said. I don’t want to be a hater, but the arbitrarily deployed 4+ typography styles, force-justified center alignment, and white-on-black text make me think that whoever made the above is still maybe waaaay down at the far end of the taste/talent gap.

Soho Stiletto

Stilettos in Soho by helenlikesyou
Stilettos in Soho, a photo by helenlikesyou on Flickr.

We can go with the stripper heels, or we can go with the skinnies so skinny that when the ankle unzips the gap goes ellipsoid, or we can go with the fact that girlfriend was straight up hobbling, and that that — more than the pants or the shoes — was what brought her to my attention. But whatever we go with, I think it deserves applause.

How I’ll Know I’ve Made It

(For some obnoxious, endlessly shifting definition of “made it.”)

1. I am blurbed, by name, on someone else’s book.


I’m Perfect

No, really. Are you?

Clouds Out the Window

Clouds by helenlikesyou
Clouds, a photo by helenlikesyou on Flickr.

Somewhere on the flight path from Paris to New York. Sometimes real life is so beautiful that I don’t know how to handle living in it. (That’s probably why I work on the internet?)

The Husbands

The Kardashian Husbands by helenlikesyou
The Kardashian Husbands, a photo by helenlikesyou on Flickr.

The Kardashian spouses were at Jill Stuart sans wives. And heavens, did they ever cause a photographer frenzy. Nice work, gents.

Next Year Already

I have fallen desperately in love with this watercolor wall calendar from Linda & Harriett. Can I justify spending $48 on disposable wall art? It comes to four bucks a month. I can’t tell if I should be talking myself into it or out of it. This is all too much for me.

I can’t take credit for this. It comes by way of Mia the magnificent.