Shoe Storage OMG

I need to figure out a better way to organize my shoes. This is, I am not kidding, one of the major concerns of my life at the moment, which probably means I should give a hundred bucks to Planned Parenthood and also join the Peace Corps? But guys, an over-the-door pouch situation and a three-foot-high pile in the coat closet do not an efficient system make. In a world of infinite space and even color distribution, I would want something bookshelfy like the below, but in my reality this would be a cramped Ikea Billy that was ¾ black and ¼ taupe. Snoozefest.

One thought on “Shoe Storage OMG

  1. nadarine says:

    Ikea is the answer! Floating shelves will totally do the job, depending on your available wall-space.
    (and shockingly, almost two years later, none of these shelves have shifted downward and tossed shoes onto my head while sleeping or otherwise fallen down.)

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