I’m inclined to drink most of the glasses of kool-aid that the fashion world hands me — Pink streaks in my hair? Sure. Shoes that look like weapons? Not a problem. Leather leggings? Definitely. Gold brocade pants that look like the lobby in a 1970s Gold Coast apartment building? Fully aspired to. But man, it is a good thing I keep the volume muted on my computer most of the time, because what the hell is up with the aesthetics industry’s continued obsession with completely terrible music? The soundtrack to this [NSFW] behind-the-scenes video for a Vogue Italia shoot is so … nothing. It’s unmelodic, it’s uninspiring, it’s numbingly repetitive. And not in, like, an artsy way. In an awful, boring, status-as-a-style-arbiter-undermining way. I’m sure I can find more examples but my brain doesn’t like to revisit this kind of negativity, man.

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