Le Parcel et Moi

If ever you feel that your menses are not Wes Anderson enough, the world now contains Le Parcel, a monthly subscription service that entitles you to an elegantly colorful box containing chocolates, a “mystery gift” of cosmetics, and your personally curated selection of 30 sanitary items across a variety of brands, direct to your mailbox on a recurring date specified by you.

I’m not going to lie, now that this exists, I kind of want it. But I also think that it is vaguely problematic on a zeitgeisty/feminist level when the accoutrements of one’s period become worthy of Pinterest.

One thought on “Le Parcel et Moi

  1. Emily says:

    I think we live in the same building, and that we have at least a few things in common (e.g. mutual interests in food, writing, and j crew). Let me know if you want to get a drink sometime. It would be nice to be acquainted with more cool people in Hoboken.

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