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By the Sea

Lake Michigan doesn’t get nearly enough credit as a beach destination.

I See You

It’s important to me that you know that this exists, this strapless cashmere tube top with matching arm warmers from Sonia Rykiel, which at one point in its life was priced at $770 and is now a much more reasonable — and yet still not remotely reasonable at all — $269.50. At The Outnet, if you’re the sort of person who sees eye-boobs and underarm-adjacent feather tufts and is like “Oh hell yes.”


Tragically, I couldn’t cash in on my my inexplicable-but-welcome position on the invite list for the Jill Stuart show yesterday, so thank heavens for the good people at Imitation of Christ, who decided that holding a presentation at Buddakan and putting a food writer on the list was a smart move (NB: IT TOTALLY WAS), and thereby giving me the half-yearly dose of Hey I Am A Tiny Bit Adjacent To Fashion Stuff that helps me justify my ridiculous and embarrassing style blog obsession. (Sometimes I think I could totally work at a fashion magazine. Other times I realize they would probably just find my borderline-autistic knowledge of peripheral players to be completely creepy, and also I’m not a sample size, so that would probably not ever fly?) Oh my god anyway here are some pictures from the IOC presentation.



Son of Bahamagram

Here’s one more Bahamas picture, because why not.


I’m in the Bahamas right now, on a work trip that is just the most lovely way to spend a weekend in January that I can possibly conceive of. Hello.

Hello, Nigella!

Come on, vanity Google Alert for my own name, what the heck is the point of keeping you around if you do not inform me at all when Nigella freaking Lawson retweets something that has my name in it? COME ON, SERIOUSLY.


Roses by helenlikesyou
Roses, a photo by helenlikesyou on Flickr.

I seem to have a constitutional inability to not take pictures of pink flowers on blue-gray backgrounds.

What You Need In Your Kitchen (dot com)

Someone (maybe that someone will be me?!?!?!?!!omg!!??!) should make a single-serving website called This Is What You Need In Your Kitchen that lists off the (admittedly wonderful) basics that every home cook should have: a high-quality chef’s knife, a paring knife, a wooden cutting board, a cast-iron skillet, a microplane grater, a heavy-bottomed stock pot, cheap stainless steel mixing bowls, a colander, a pair of tongs, and a wooden spoon.

Then everyone can stop writing the same exact goddamn story all the fricking time for every single publication and we can just send people the URL around holiday and graduation time and be done with the damn thing.

CRUCIAL UPDATE: Said website now exists. Behold:


I’m inclined to drink most of the glasses of kool-aid that the fashion world hands me — Pink streaks in my hair? Sure. Shoes that look like weapons? Not a problem. Leather leggings? Definitely. Gold brocade pants that look like the lobby in a 1970s Gold Coast apartment building? Fully aspired to. But man, it is a good thing I keep the volume muted on my computer most of the time, because what the hell is up with the aesthetics industry’s continued obsession with completely terrible music? The soundtrack to this [NSFW] behind-the-scenes video for a Vogue Italia shoot is so … nothing. It’s unmelodic, it’s uninspiring, it’s numbingly repetitive. And not in, like, an artsy way. In an awful, boring, status-as-a-style-arbiter-undermining way. I’m sure I can find more examples but my brain doesn’t like to revisit this kind of negativity, man.

When I Grow Up

I so am going to be this lady, silently pretending not to hate you (and also experiencing constant, exuberant smugness about my kickass silver hair) while my cat plots your death.