When I Grow Up

I so am going to be this lady, silently pretending not to hate you (and also experiencing constant, exuberant smugness about my kickass silver hair) while my cat plots your death.

Shoe Storage OMG

I need to figure out a better way to organize my shoes. This is, I am not kidding, one of the major concerns of my life at the moment, which probably means I should give a hundred bucks to Planned Parenthood and also join the Peace Corps? But guys, an over-the-door pouch situation and a three-foot-high pile in the coat closet do not an efficient system make. In a world of infinite space and even color distribution, I would want something bookshelfy like the below, but in my reality this would be a cramped Ikea Billy that was ¾ black and ¼ taupe. Snoozefest.


I would have downloaded this entire thing anyway because my Mindy Kaling situation is kind of OOC. (Mindy! We’d be best friends IRL! Call me!) But it’s got Tricky on it. TRICKY. RUNDMC4EVA you guys. New level of bonkers.

Download the mix cd here. (Are we still talking about cds? Are they a thing still?)

Jim Present Comix

Among the many things that Jim and I both loved well before we ever met one another is Dinosaur Comics, a static-panel daily webcomic in which a T-Rex with childlike naiveté (but a very teenager-esque appreciation for makeouts) expounds on matters as diverse a sociolinguistic philosophy and the general greatness of Batman. It is the awesomest.

The super coolest thing about its static-panel-ness, though, is that it lends itself really well to a whiteboard. IN WHICH FORM IT NOW EXISTS, HOLY CRAP. So of course I got Jim one for his birthday.

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy

Two swans indicating the approximate shape and location of your uterus = SWEATER WIN.

Takeaways from Godspell

1. Damn, that Hunter Parrish kid has a great smile. And really nice deltoids. And can sing!

2. But really? We’re still doing the whole blond, blue-eyed Jesus thing? And on a related note, considering the (truly) admirably racially, ethnically, and aesthetically diverse cast, interesting to note that for a show where everyone’s (at least metaphorically) either Jesus or an apostle, no one in the very carefully curated cast is actually semitic.

3. Still! Such a crazy fun show, so well choreographed. If they can make something as painfully dated and hokey as Godspell seem reinvigorated and totally relevant, this bodes well for the realization of my fondest dream (no, seriously, this might actually be my #1 life desire of all time?): a revival of Pippin, a.k.a. the world’s greatest musical. We’re all going to be on a Stephen Schwartzman kick for a couple years now, cool?

4. When an atheist watches a musical about Jesus, and spends intermission noticing how many cast bios contain references to certain bible verses, she begins looking for a bible verse of her very own that she can start inserting into things that will perhaps lead to hilarious hijinx. Exodus 22:19!


Given unlimited means and no externally imposed dress code, I would probably dress alternately like a Rick Owens mannequin and like a 4-year-old child on her way to Steiner Method preschool. I covet:

Frocktober dress, $110 at Modcloth.

Here’s Some More Pizza

Porchetta: porchetta, shaved fennel, mozz

Piccante: capicola, aged provolone, crushed red pepper, tomato

Pistachio: red onion, fontina, pistachio, olive oil

All from Pizzeria Stella in Philly.