What I Learned at the Tents

In a solid 90 minutes this morning at the Lincoln Center tents (thanks for the invite, Jill Stuart!), here’s what I have identified as the prevailing takeaways of the season. (Click on any of the pictures to embiggen.)

1. Neon yellow is it for dudes. Extra bonus points if your neon takes the form of a Cambridge satchel. (Hello there, Mister Brad Goreski!)

Neon is in for dudes

I did not fuck with the color balance in that shoe photo, hand to god

2. Shiny! Then again, when is it ever not the height of fashion to wear shiny? Personally I’d put all three of these pieces together (mixing metals = the chicest) and be a blinding cacophony of lamé and sartorial ballstothewallness.

Shiny at nyfw

Silver booty shorts, you guys!

3. I need to buy new shoes. Because holy mother of god, look at these.

Jill Stuart runway shoes

The pink heel! Gahhhhh

4. Don’t wear pants. This might only apply if you’re a model.

Pantsless at Jill Stuart

On the Jill Stuart runway

5. Commit to your look. In the age of ubiquitous street style photography, one might also be tempted to call this phenomenon “Asking for it.”

What not to wear

I like to think of the girl on the right as Cher's secret daughter

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5 thoughts on “What I Learned at the Tents

  1. mia c says:

    Awesome pictures, Hels. And good fashion advice, I shall be wrapping all of Oliver’s shoes in reflective neon tape.

  2. anique says:

    Yeah ditto on the photo love. The pics are great! And YES to neon.

  3. sbray says:

    I am excited to go pants-less for fall. Oh wait…

  4. Corrie says:

    I’m dying for that neon. Dying.

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