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The People of the Renaissance Faire

I went to the Tuxedo Park Renaissance Faire this past summer and only now got around to uploading the images from my camera. OH MY GOD WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? They’re wonderful. These people are just wonderful. I love them. I love that they exist.

Hey there, Merlin

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What I Learned at the Tents

In a solid 90 minutes this morning at the Lincoln Center tents (thanks for the invite, Jill Stuart!), here’s what I have identified as the prevailing takeaways of the season. (Click on any of the pictures to embiggen.)

1. Neon yellow is it for dudes. Extra bonus points if your neon takes the form of a Cambridge satchel. (Hello there, Mister Brad Goreski!)

Neon is in for dudes

I did not fuck with the color balance in that shoe photo, hand to god

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Sour Cherry Compote

Sour cherry compote by helenlikesyou
Sour cherry compote, a photo by helenlikesyou on Flickr.

A beautiful sour cherry compote made by my intern Alexia.


peoniesThis is a picture I took of some Peonies. I was in Sweden, as were the peonies, but it is not terribly evident from context.