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Pancakes for dinner

If you’re sitting there being like, Helen, oh my god, I just wish I could read more about you and know more about your opinions about both pancakes and the online narrative of restaurant blogging, today is your lucky day.

With Gabriella Gershenson, I made pancakes and then wrote about them for the genius fashion website Of A Kind »

On The Atlantic Wire, I’m quoted alongside Michael Nagrant in a story about recently-ousted Sun-Times restaurant critic Pat Bruno, and why bloggers will still pay attention to him even though he actively courts their enmity »

(Spoiler: the reason is: because the crotchety-old-man character he plays is entertaining.)

One thought on “Find Me Elsewhere

  1. […] has been quite a week for Helen Having An Online Presence Besides Her Blog And Her Job (see also: here). Today, at the luxury-things-are-awesome website Pursuitist, the lovely and talented Erica Swallow […]

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