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Additional Elsewhereness

It has been quite a week for Helen Having An Online Presence Besides Her Blog And Her Job (see also: here). Today, at the luxury-things-are-awesome website Pursuitist, the lovely and talented Erica Swallow interviewed me about my favorite cookbooks, restaurants, and other food-related matters »

The stuff I say over there about my changing attitude towards cookbooks and about why Momofuku is such an excellent and important contribution to the marketplace is all stuff that I really, really mean. I’m not going to tell you what it is here because honestly, would it kill you to click? Even if you don’t, I’m fairly confident that if we hang out in real life, and you give me a drink or two, and you are like Helen, what could cookbooks be doing better given the ever-shifting print vs. digital landscape? I would essentially reiterate the same ideas.

(Oh and that giant picture of me up at the top of the interview? Jim took it. Isn’t he talented?)

Find Me Elsewhere

Pancakes for dinner

If you’re sitting there being like, Helen, oh my god, I just wish I could read more about you and know more about your opinions about both pancakes and the online narrative of restaurant blogging, today is your lucky day.

With Gabriella Gershenson, I made pancakes and then wrote about them for the genius fashion website Of A Kind »

On The Atlantic Wire, I’m quoted alongside Michael Nagrant in a story about recently-ousted Sun-Times restaurant critic Pat Bruno, and why bloggers will still pay attention to him even though he actively courts their enmity »

(Spoiler: the reason is: because the crotchety-old-man character he plays is entertaining.)