The People of the Renaissance Faire

I went to the Tuxedo Park Renaissance Faire this past summer and only now got around to uploading the images from my camera. OH MY GOD WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? They’re wonderful. These people are just wonderful. I love them. I love that they exist.

Hey there, Merlin

Black swan

This is the Winner Hat

Ren fair boob lady

I have just no idea whatsoever what's up with this lady's boobs


This guy either wants to execute you, or wants you to step on him with your high heels. Maybe both?

Fairy wings

I'm sure she would prefer that I spell it "faerie," but damn: check out those fairy wings

A princess among commoners

A princess among commoners

Good for you, sir.

Good for you, sir.

The king

The king checks out the contents of the royal fanny pack


It's not a Ren Faire without a drum circle, guys.

3 thoughts on “The People of the Renaissance Faire

  1. nadarine says:


  2. veldrina says:

    The executioner’s name is Hack. In real life he works with the elderly and is a very loving father. I would thank you to remove your comment about human carpets. Not appreciated.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Yay! That’s me playing the drum with my fiance Shane! I wish I was smiling though! : ) Thanks for the loving the Renfaire folk. We love yoU!

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